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* The images displayed have the sole purpose of providing an example of the print on the finished product.

I don't do the printing service.

In addition to the creation of photographic services, I also deal with a wide range of graphic works: posters and flyers; business cards; wedding invitations, calendars; images for sites and social networks; logos; etc. 
Among these, the wedding photo book is undoubtedly one of the most requested and appreciated, because it manages to tell every single moment of this special event. However, there is no limit to the theme that a photo book can have, because it does not necessarily have to be composed of shots taken by me. Even in these cases, I will use all my creativity to take care of the graphic layout in every aspect, comparing myself with your specific requests in order to obtain the desired product.
Many newlyweds also rely on me for their wedding invitations, especially in cases where having done a pre-wedding photo shoot allows us to have beautiful portraits to accompany them! The invitations can in fact be very simple and contain only information relating to the event, but can also be enriched with dedications and images that represent the couple and/or the theme of the wedding party. Similarly, you can create invitations for any type of occasion (private parties; baptisms; communions; graduations; etc.)!
It is never superfluous to remember that with photos it is possible to personalize the most varied objects in an original way and decorate the house, thus transforming them into splendid furnishing elements. In the latter case, a practical and impactful idea is to use a panel depicting a single shot, a collage, or a union of text and images. In addition to the great visual effect, the panel obviates the inconvenience of having to procure a frame that adapts to the print and style of the room in which it will be displayed: its pleasant neutral effect makes it suitable for any environment and wall. Another element not to be underestimated is the extreme ease with which it will be possible to clean it, with a simple electrostatic or slightly damp cloth.


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