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HI! My name is Ilaria and I am a professional photographer from Florence.
I have always loved photographing everything that surrounds me. Since I was young,
with family and friends, I was the one with the camera in my hand,
the one everyone relied on so that the most beautiful moments of parties and birthdays, concerts and holidays were not lost. Then, after years of disposable cars, joys and disappointments, during my high school years I started to get "seriously" with my first
Reflex (the mythicalPentax K1000) and with the fantastic world of darkroom development (which I still carry in my heart). Subsequently I approached digital photography and, thanks to years
of study, practice and experiences in the field, I came to do Photography,my profession.


self portrait


• I hate traffic, the chaos of the city!
• I have an immoderate passion for 
cemeteries. No matter where I am I can't help but go and visit one;

• I love cinema and especially horror (for years I even ran a themed blog:The Devil's Labyrinth)
• I like the
music in all its forms, especially metal, rock and pop. I have a background as a singer
 and metalhead!
• My favorite holiday is 
Halloween followed closely by Carnival (I'm crazy about dressing up!)
• In my free time I love going on long treks in nature, eating junk food, devouring Korean films, TV series and dramas
• I love the
nature they animals, dogs and cats in particular and yes, I'm one of those who, if she meets one, could do anything to be able to pet it and get into its good graces :D

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