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Hello! My name is Ilaria and I am a professional photographer from Florence.
I love to photograph everything around me, always. From an early age, in the family
and with friends, I was the one with the camera in hand,
the one that everyone relied on because the best moments of parties and birthdays,
concerts and holidays were not lost.
Then, after years of disposable machines, joys and disappointments, during the years of
higher I started to get "serious" with my first
Reflex (the legendary Pentax K1000 )
and with the fantastic world of darkroom development (which I still carry in
heart). Later I approached digital photography and, thanks for years

of study, practice and experience in the field, I came to do photography,

my profession.


Stealing your soul is obvious! Seriously, I have the power to stop time and make you live
a new and fun experience, capturing the memory forever.
I love photographing people: catching spontaneous glances and smiles, emotions, tears and moments of simplicity.
I love capturing the details, those little things that make each subject unique.

I also put the same passion in photographing your products and creations.
I do this by entering their inanimate world, observing how the light outlines their shapes, in order to enhance them to the fullest.


• I hate the traffic and the confusion of the city
• I have an inordinate passion for cemeteries
,   as a child I dreamed of becoming a guardian and wherever I am I can't help but go and visit one! (Could I perhaps not make a photographic project out of it? You can find it
• I love cinema and especially the horror genre (I even run a themed blog:
The Devil's Labyrinth )
• I like music in all its forms, especially rock and pop (I have a background as a semi-professional singer and an inveterate metalhead)
• My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love dressing up in masks on any occasion!
• In my free time I love to take long walks in the outdoors, drink hot tea, devour Korean TV series and dramas
• I collect sugar sachets and have an attic full of memories