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Now that everything is just a click away, is it still possible to give a nice gift?

Yes, if we stop focusing on the object to be donated, but on the person who will receive it! We will discover that the real reason why we give a gift is to see our loved ones happy, perhaps moved and, why not, surprised.


A photo shoot has exactly this power, as well as that of bringing that experience to life in our memory every time we look at the shots. You don't have to take my word for it though! Look at the posts with the tag "Gift voucher" on my blog: you can see some of the shootings that my clients have given away... and get inspired!


If time and mutual commitments allow it, we will arrange to deliver it to you in paper version in person; otherwise, I will send you the file and you can print it yourself. All the specifics of the photo shoot given will be described on the ticket, and whoever receives it will have one year to contact me (closer to the deadline I will still make sure to make myself heard).


But that's not all: by buying a gift voucher you will also get my Loyalty Card, thanks to which you can receive a free shooting, to use yourself or as a gift!HERE all the info.

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