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Ilaria is a young photographer, capable, discreet, professional, nice and very good. He immediately understood our requests and transformed them with talent into a photo shoot that manages to excite us every time we look at it.
Never intrusive, we had a lot of fun and he caught exactly the moments and expressions they wanted to remember. We couldn't ask for more!

Ilaria and Emiliano

For our wedding we decided to rely on Ilaria Innocenti, young emerging photographer and we have not regretted it at all! Right from the start she proved helpful and affable, always showing great seriousness. He followed us in all the pre and post wedding phases. On such a special day for us, having her as a photographer was definitely an added value thanks to her advice and suggestions! Thanks again for helping to make us live a fantastic day to be able to see and review with wonderful indelible photos! Absolutely recommended with eyes closed!

Annalisa and Simone

We can only give positive comments on our experience with Ilaria, because we got along well with her right away. We first did a pre-wedding photo shoot with Ilaria with the graphic creation of our wedding invitations. This proved very useful as it was a way for us and her to get to know each other before the big day. Plus, it gave us a chance to get comfortable with the camera, because my partner and I felt awkward and embarrassed at first. Here too Ilaria was very good and patient and managed to bring out our personality in the photos. On the day of our wedding Ilaria confirmed her great professionalism and did not deny our expectations. The photo shoot he made is beautiful and makes us relive the emotions of that moment. Ilaria was very helpful during all the phases before and after the wedding and the thing we appreciated the most is that she welcomed and fulfilled our wishes in terms of style and modality of the photo shoot. Finally, the required compensation is very honest and competitive. I recommend Ilaria without hesitation to everyone. You will not be disappointed!

Lucia and Giuseppe

When we contacted Ilaria, we weren't even sure we wanted a photo shoot for our wedding. However, she was so kind and helpful that we were convinced by her very convenient offer. And we could not have done more right: Ilaria not only was happy to adapt the service to our needs and requests, but she took photographs that truly reflect the spirit and joy of our wedding. She has been shown in every moment professional and empathetic, what to say: do not let it escape!

Laura and Francesco

If you are looking for a photographer with great professionalism and talent, choose Ilaria!
Thank you for putting us at ease, taking pictures of unforgettable moments and for your kindness. We not only appreciate your photos but also the personalization and attention to detail in the packaging upon delivery.

Giulia and Moussa

Ilaria was our wedding photographer and we couldn't ask for anything better! We immediately liked his photographic style: natural, precise, able to capture the emotion of the moment without you even noticing. She is a really smart person, in her we have found professionalism but also empathy on a human level, which is in fact fundamental to take beautiful photos. It was a truly beautiful experience that we recommend to everyone, aspiring spouses and more!

Martina and Niccolò

When choosing a photographer for your wedding, you entrust him with the memory of one of the happiest and most important moments of a couple's journey. The photos rekindle the senses, relive the colors, the scents, the sensations, the taste, the salivation is reset again as in that unforgettable day. Ilaria magically photographed and kept alive the memory of hugs, tears of joy, laughter and love of the most beautiful day of our life. Thanks.

Giulia and Andrea

Having Ilaria next to us during one of the most important days of our life was truly a pleasure! We had a great time from the first meeting and during the wedding day she didn't contradict herself! Having a professional photographer who is also kind and nice I think is the dream of all brides (no one would ever want to entrust the shots of the happiest moments of their life to someone who is rude) and with Ilaria we hit the mark! She was very kind, very nice and very professional. She managed to put us at ease and accompanied us with her sweet smile from morning until afternoon! Plus its prices are really competitive! Now we can't wait to see his shots, which we already know will be beautiful! Highly recommended!

Carlotta and Corey

We had a really good time, right from the first meeting! We first did the pre-wedding service (super recommended) with which Ilaria made us personalized invitations that we really liked and left us really satisfied. A few weeks before the wedding we inspected the various places where it would take place and finally the big day has accompanied us since my preparation for cutting the cake. A discreet presence and appreciated by all. The photos really amazed us with their beauty and perfectly captured all the best moments of our day. I recommend it to everyone, also very precise and excellent value for money!

Emanuele and Corinna

Very good photographer, with whom he has also created an excellent relationship. Very helpful, he was able to perfectly represent the simplicity and spontaneity we wanted in our photos

Irene and Davide

We recommend Ilaria to everyone, as she is a very professional and helpful photographer. We got along well with her right away. He has always put us at ease, following our needs and desires. The result was excellent. Thanks Ilaria for giving us wonderful memories.

Veronica and Andrea

Beautiful photos. Fantastic person who puts you at ease and knows how to bring out the best in you with many right tips, even in moments of great emotion such as a wedding.
We had a great time and I highly recommend it to everyone if you want some really beautiful photos to remember that event.

Anita and Massimiliano

Ilaria is a great professional! She was a discreet presence during our wedding and was able to capture the best moments! Upon delivery of the photos we were impressed because it captured moments we weren't expecting!
We highly recommend it!

Carlotta and Lorenzo

Thanks to Ilaria I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world on the most important day of my life !!! The photos are beautiful and immortalize all my joy and my husband Vincenzo. Every time I look at them I relive every single moment and all the emotions.
Raffaella and Vincenzo

Ilaria is a truly exceptional person, very professional and punctual in deliveries that are also very early compared to normal (three months instead of six) we were fully satisfied with the work done and we recommend this young but very good photographer to other future spouses.
Ilaria and Gabriele

Professionalism, quality and kindness were the protagonists of an excellent service received. We recommend that all future spouses who will have to organize their event certainly contact Ilaria Innocenti. They will not regret it!
Maura and Giancarlo

We thank Ilaria for her great professionalism and kindness. She made us feel at ease, she was present throughout our day without ever being intrusive. And the beautiful final product, he captured magical and unforgettable moments with his work! Thanks Ilaria!                                                     
Cristina and Matteo

Ilaria is always a very professional, kind and helpful photographer. The quality of the photos is excellent and the price is very affordable! Very nice the cardboard box of the handmade DVD. Highly recommended!
Jacopo and Martina

For my most important day I contacted Ilaria, at first I was a little afraid because of her young age, but then I realized that I was wrong to worry because the passion this girl has for photos makes her take wonderful shots. , so that those looking for a good photographer Ilaria can satisfy even the most fussy, however if you have any doubts just admire her shots and I'm sure you will like it.
Paulo and Nichols

Ilaria was a silent guest who captured the essence of our wedding, she immortalized our most beautiful moments without imposing her presence. We chose not to take the classic "posing" photos and she "followed" us with great professionalism and an artistic eye. Congratulations Ilaria!                                                                                                  
Claudia and Francesco