I love to make my work unique in every aspect. This is why my wedding reports are delivered on a personalized DVD with the names, the date and a drawing of the couple made by me and with attention to the smallest details.
The package that contains it is made up of a kraft cardboard box, also hand-decorated with ribbons and other elements that reflect the colors and style of the wedding. Above, a small sticker takes up the design of the two newlyweds.
On request it is possible to have different decorative and graphic elements (costs to be requested separately).



Many of my spouses also rely on me for the realization of their invitations, and thus have a product that fully represents the spirit of their party.
Usually, my wedding invitations consist of a double-sided colored card, which shows the names of the spouses, the date of the wedding, information on the places and times of the ceremony and refreshments, and, if desired , even those relating to the ways in which guests can make their own gift. Upon request, the wedding invitations can then have a set of graphic and chromatic details aimed at taking up the theme and colors of the wedding. These do not necessarily have to be composed with photos of the newlyweds, but, without a doubt, the shots of a beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot will make them even more special!
If desired, I can also take care of the printing of the participations, with costs and printing times to be calculated separately based on the number of copies.
Likewise, I can make invitations for you for any type of event and occasion (private parties; baptisms; communions; graduations; etc.).



It is possible to give one of my photographic services or products (photo books; furniture panels; etc.) as a gift with a Gift Certificate, which can be, optionally, in digital or paper format. In the latter case, the voucher will be embellished with handmade decorations, which will vary depending on the occasion for which it is given (Christmas; birthday; Valentine's Day; etc.)

The characteristics of the voucher (the type of photo / product service; how to use it; my contacts), the name of the recipient and the dedication of the gift of the gift, will be shown on a ticket kept inside a pretty box in kraft cardboard, inserted in turn in an envelope made by hand.



Among my products, the photo book is undoubtedly one of the most requested and appreciated, because it gives shape to every single moment photographed by telling its story. It is usually chosen for weddings, but it can be excellently used for any photo shoot.

I put all my creativity and passion to create the layout and graphics, taking care of every aspect and comparing myself with the specific requests of customers in order to obtain the desired product.
A photo book typically contains between 80 and 90 color pages, but you can also print with fewer or more pages. Inside it is possible to insert, without any problem, even photos not taken by me (such as your vacation photos, or other).
If you wish, I can also take care of printing your photo book; costs and delivery times will vary according to the type of photo book requested.



It is never superfluous to remember that photos can be splendid pieces of furniture; a function that is brilliantly performed by a "panel", that is a support of plastic material (forex or communication) of about 1 cm thick, on which a print made on photographic paper is glued, with a finish that can be glossy or matte. The image can be a single shot, a collage of several photos, or a union of text and images.

In addition to the splendid visual effect, the panel obviates the inconvenience of having to obtain a frame that adapts to the print and style of the room in which it will be affixed: in this respect, its pleasant neutral effect makes it suitable for any environment and wall. Another element that should not be underestimated is the extreme ease with which it is possible to clean it, as it will be enough to wipe it with an electrostatic or slightly damp cloth. In short, perfect as a piece of furniture and an original gift for any occasion!



In addition to photographic services and the products described above, I also deal with graphic works on commission: creation of logos; posters and flyers; invitations; business cards; images for sites and social networks; etc.

Here are some examples: